Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Kniting & Reading Round Up, plus 2017 Resolutions

Happy New Year! It's the first day of the year, it's still quiet and peaceful, and I can't think of a better way to spend it than looking at my knits and books for the last year.

In 2016, I finished:
9 shawls or scarves
3 knit cowls and 1 crocheted cowl
6 paris of socks
1 pair of fingerless mitts
5 hats
2 baby blankets
2 ornaments/small toys
1 pair of slippers (not pictured)
4.27 miles of finished projects!

In terms of 2017 knitting, I have high hopes for...:

finishing 1 yarn-eating baby blanket that is so big that it can hardly be considered baby-sized (hibernating)
finishing 1 steeked sweater only in need of steeking and a zipper (zipper ordered)
finishing 1 Cheetos Dust/Lemongrass Sweater (ribbing and 2 sleeves away from wearing)
finishing 4 sock wips (squirrel!)
finishing 3 fingerless mitts wips, 2 of which started as socks (two squirrels!)
finishing 1 hat that I started on Friday (nearly there!)
make 2 sweaters on the knitting machine (Boxy in sock yarn, plus an "over the top" type summer sweater in linen, plus maybe learning to make something other than squares on the knitting machine)
make 1 baby blanket from the Classic Elite Sprout in my stash
charity knits for the Mother Bear Project and Knitted Knockers
working down 1 full bin of stash yarn through knitting, crochet or weaving 
knit 5+ miles of finished projects (I use to keep track)

It's super unpopular lately to make resolutions, but bah humbug, I'm doing it anyway. These are my non-knitting goals for 2017.
  1. Figure out how I want to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dyeabolical this spring. I'm open to suggestions. (Pretty please with yarn on top)
  2. Spend half a work day, or the equivalent of, in continuing education - read about the history of color, color's influence on history, history's influence on color, color meanings, keep up on industry news, read relevant business books, and take classes. 
  3. Make friends with my new camera.
  4. Make one new recipe per week. We received a new Instant Pot for Christmas and it's a game changer. It does a great job keeping cooking smells contained and I can make dinner in my dining room, which is a helpful thing when the kitchen counters are employed as a dye studio 3x/week. It also does a great job with cheap cuts of meat. 
  5. Work reasonable hours. If I need to work overtime then it had better be at the dye pots and not in front of a computer working on boring things, but that's not how 2016 went. Less computer time, more creative time. 
  6. Come back to this post at tax time so I can remind myself that paperwork is temporary and that I actually like my job. Just do the work, Rachel, and I promise you that you can buy a new camera lens when you're done filing. 
  7. Edited to add one - Declutter by trashing/recycling/giving away one item per day 

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